Monday, May 26, 2014

Weed and feed

Since I haven't applied anything since the pre-emergent and since the grass isn't looking as green as I'd like I decided to apply IFA's weed and feed today. The weeds aren't terrible if you don't count the crabgrass which weed and feed doesn't touch anyways but there are some and mostly I want to fertilize. There are little sprouts under the two trees in the front yard which I hope the weed and feed will kill. I made sure to avoid the areas where I applied seed to fix urine spots. I also ran the sprinklers on a 2 minute cycle before hand. I took small handfuls of weed and feed and tried to drop a few pellets directly on some weedy areas.

I realized later that I need to regularly water the spots I'm trying to reseed but I need to delay watering everything else because of the herbicide. I'll have to hand water those for the next few days.

I struggled with whether I wanted to do this or to aerate and over-seed or to reapply a pre-emergent because the wheat looking crabgrass made me feel like that might spread seed and sprout more. I also really hope I can figure out what to do about that yellowish spot in the front yard.

I forgot to mention in my first post that there is a small area in the backyard in the south by the fence that sprouts some bindweed-like weed. It's never sprouted flowers and I've been trying to pick it by hand when I'm out there. I can't tell if it's spreading but it's definitely not dead yet. I should probably pick it more regularly so it doesn't have a chance to get sun.

Also there is a dead baby bird in the front yard. Hopefully a neighborhood cat will take care of it for me.
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