Saturday, June 28, 2014

Killing some, giving life to others

So a few days ago I went around to the bare urine spots and added some more quick seed stuff because it wasn't looking like the first batch was taking well. Especially the spot in the front yard that gets less shade.
It looks like a few seeds have taken sprout but not as much as I had hoped. We'll keep an eye on it though as I still think it has a good chance to fill in. Especially is the weather permits.

Looks like this time of year is weed growing time. The Sandbox/Swing-set area and mailbox flower bed has broken out and so I sprayed this morning after mowing the lawn. We'll see how that works. If it doesn't I may try using a new batch of weed killer, buying a new brand at the store or just digging up the weed.

Also it seems like that yellowish spot in the front yard as improved a little bit. There's been some rain and I've also been running the sprinklers in the front for 10 minutes on off days.

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