Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Startishy of Yardishy

As of today it seems the yard is in worse shape than we found it. Section 2 has filled up with crabgrass. I think one problem is that I applied pre-emergent herbicide too late. I think it needs to be applied in early March where I did it sometime later in April after the seeds had already germinated.

More Milton spots
Milton spots by cherry tree
Section 3 has been the recipient of Milton's special ingredients and has a number of yellow patches. Today I added some quick grass seed mix to those spots. Hopefully they will fill in. I also changed the nozzle for the sprinkler closest to the big window. I used the nozzle three of the Rainbird 3500 sprinkler and the stream looks much more like the others now. The first sprinkler against the south fence is having a little trouble popping up so I may need to replace that one soon.

Patch in front yard that's not as awesome.

Section 1 is the best section. Probably because it has the least foot traffic, urine and feces. I am starting to see that small patch that didn't grow well last year show up again.
I changed the south east sprinkler against the fence. Maybe that will help with it but I don't think it quite reaches that far though. I'll also have to watch as that sprinkler doesn't rotate all the way to the fence.

Mysterious dead patch re-seeded
Also in Section 1 I added the quick seed stuff to that strange dead patch in the north west corner. For the next few weeks I'll have to run the 10 minute cycle everyday so those seeded patches can get the water they need.

I also mowed all three sections today. Didn't seem to leave as much clippings as usual. They may be because Hyrum Froer mowed our lawn last week and his mower may have cut shorter. Either way I probably need to add some fertilizer soon. I probably don't want to add weed and feed as that will probably kill the seeded areas.

Broadleaf weeds have been relatively under control. At least compared to other yards I'm seeing. I've been picking dandylions when I see them as well as other weeds.

I'm starting to see a crabgrass looking weed all over the place and even a little in the front yard. It's not as ugly as the others but it looks like it spreads pretty fast.

Flower beds are ok but I need to find out better what belongs in there and what is weeds. The big pink flowers look like they're just about to bloom.

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